renewable energy sonnenbatterie J.E.R. Group GuernseyJ.E.R Group have been proudly providing renewable energy for some time now, with solar panels popping up throughout Guernsey all the time, providing clean and independent energy for homes throughout the island. We are pleased to be able to confirm that we are now installing the incredible Sonnen storage battery solution (SonnenBatterie) which provides intelligent energy for your home!

SonnenBatterie works with your solar panels, identifying when you need the energy before it deploys the energy to specific areas of your home with zero fuss, zero noise and no additional costs!

The intelligent battery gives you control of your own energy and also eliminates any risk of energy price increases.

If you would like more information on the Sonnen battery, call the J.E.R. Group on 01481 523411 or email

Our whole team are committed to providing cleaner energy solutions – if you would like us to help you use cleaner energy – get in touch today! You can find out more about our renewable energy solutions on our webiste.

You can find our more about the SonnenBatterie on their website –