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About Project EV & Why You Need It

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Project EV launches into the electric vehicle charge point market, giving the customer

a full range of feature-packed competitively priced products, from 7kw domestic AC to 150kw
commercial DC charge stations. All our chargers are OCCP 1.6 meeting current and new 2019 UK sand European regulations and requirements.


Complete Smart Control with
the Project EV APP


  • Set times for charging your car at different electricity rates for example – Economy 7, Solar production peak times, time of use tariffs
  • Built-in boost facility, allowing you to override the smart EV app in case of a charging emergency
  • Remote control – turn the EV charger on or off via your smart devices


  • Charging inventory list for one or multiple vehicles registered
  • Manage and add multiple charge points to one master account
  • Securely authorise another person to use
  • Off peak timed charging
  • Displayed cost of charging (£)
  • State of charge (KWH)
  • Load balancing feature
  • Power flow management
  • Multiple mode control (via app, plug and go, RFID swipe card)

Project EV Car Charging Points: The Facts

  • OLEV Compliant
  • 3 Plug Types: Universal Socket // Type 1 Tethered // Type 2 Tethered (Dependent on model selected)
  • Power Ratings: 3.7kW // 7kW // 11kW // 22kW (Dependent on model selected)
  • 3 year product warranty
  • Unique installation mechanism for quick deployment and future upgrades

EV charging point electric vehicles


We will compete with any price you are quoted elsewhere and we also do NOT have waiting list for the actual installation – if you book in with us you will get the BEST price and the quickest installation.

Contact our team today to find out more.


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