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Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are a dependable and cost-efficient way of heating both your home and your water.

J.E.R. Group are supply and fit a wide variety of electric boilers to ensure the homes in Guernsey stay warm and have hot, running water. They are also able to heat your underfloor heating.

Electric boilers are a great way of heating your home and they come with a huge list of positives. Not only are they economical and efficient, but they are also safe with no waste gases and are quiet and are very low maintenance.

Many of our customers ask how they actually work and the answer is simple – electric boilers work in much the same way that the kettle in your kitchen does, just on a larger scale, where the water is heated by a heating element.

Where will my electric boiler go?

When you choose to have an electric boiler installed there is no need to be concerned about where it will go and the disruption to your home. Electric boilers come in a variety of sizes so can be installed wherever you would like and, as no flue is required, so you are less restricted on where it can go compared to a gas boiler.

Comet electric boilers - JER Electrical

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Contact J.E.R. Group today to discuss your needs and see how affordable an electric boiler can be. We can come to your home and recommend the best and most efficient ways of making the most of your electric boiler.


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