At J.E.R. Group, we priBathroom lighting plumbers - J.E.R. Groupde ourselves on providing the homes and businesses of Guernsey with plumbers, electricians and renewable energy making your lives much easier! Our Guernsey electrical services have grown throughout the years and we now offer more services to the people of the island than ever.

Trying to get efficient ways of keeping on top of your building project can be difficult in the Channel Islands. If you don’t have the luxury of a project manager, you will be constantly trying to keep on top of organising plumbers and electricians and any other service companies you need. It is hard work trying to ensure you have the right services and are doing all the work in the correct order!

Managing the project yourself and co-ordinating your electrician and plumber can often lead to weeks of unproductive waiting around which of course leads to financial losses.

Using a company such as J.E.R. Group that provide multiple services means that you don’t need to worry about that anymore and the stress of the organisation is taken out of your hands. Our Guernsey electricians and plumbers communicate and organise the delivery of services themselves so you don’t have to worry.

It’s a no brainer really – we provide quality Guernsey electricians, plumbers and renewable energy at a great price with a smile AND we take the stress out of the process. What more could you want?

Contact the team today to find out more about how we can make your building project much easier and less exhausting!