In physics, superheating is the electrical heating phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its standard boiling point, without actually boiling. It creates an explosive boiling eruption when moved or touched projecting exceptionally hot fluid into the air.

A very interesting concept and something, that quite frankly, you want to avoid, unless…

Guernsey has just introduced a ‘Superheat’ tariff specifically for localised electric heating. This tariff (approx. 8p per unit) differs from the other price cut tariffs as it is available 24 hours, (although this is not to be used on a continual 24 hour loop – see Guernsey Electricity website for more details).

This tariff changes thing substantially. If you can hook up your boiler, digital radiators, bathroom heaters and underfloor heating systems to this new lower tariff (our standard tariff is over 17 pence – yes, that’s correct, permission to have a lie down) your utility bills suddenly become sizably less and your home becomes beautifully warmed.

The difference is also to do with the quality of electrical heating solutions now available. In this efficient, digital age, we expect stylish and economic solutions without a massive price tag – well luckily enough, this expectation has been managed with the range of incredible heating systems available. Every colour, technical gadget and efficiency saving included, these fabulous heating solution are the way to go.

So heat your home with whatever colour, type and style of heating solution you choose, but remember hook yourself up to the new tariff and then you can consider yourself officially ‘Superheated’.