J.E.R. Group are passionate about delivering clean energy solutions and are committed to helping Guernsey to be greener!

As part of this commitment, weclean energy solutions J.E.R. Group Guernsey provide solar panels to both commercial and residential properties across the island.

We want to encourage everyone to use clean, independent energy solutions which we know will help our beautiful island and, in turn, help the world!

The whole team at J.E.R. Group believe that it’s time we all do our bit and become more energy aware to help keep this planet green and healthy.

You can be greener at home by having solar panels fitted to your roof – the panels are designed to absorb the sun’s rays and then use it to generate electricity to light and heat your home. Want to know more? Contact the J.E.R. Group team today and we can help your home become greener!

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