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House Renovations – plan ahead!

We all know that successful building works is all about planning ahead – but this can be easier said than done when you’re working full time and want your house renovations project completed ASAP! However, for your project to have the finish that you want, it is imperative that you get the quality products and services necessary for the best price possible and this isn’t always possible when big jobs are booked in at the last minute!house renovations Guernsey electricians plumbers

It may sound obvious, but these two components – quality products and the best price – are often missed and with demand for specific services often being quite high, it is even more vital that your project is organsied and plumbers and electricians are booked in advance to ensure there are no delays and you get the quality and service you are paying for. 

If you are thinking of doing house renovations, extending your home or starting a whole brand new build, contact J.E.R. Group today where we can give you a quote and provide you with electricians and plumbers who are second to none at the best possible price.

At J.E.R. Group, quality products and a quality service comes as standard and is always delivered with a smile! Contact us today on 01481 523411 or email

Take a look at the video below with some helpful hints and tips to ensure your project runs smoothly!


Guernsey electricians & more!

Since the launch of J.E.R. Group (formerly J.E.R. Electrical) in 2013, our company has continued to grow from initially offering the homes and businesses of Guernsey qualified electricians to now providing the island with electrical services as well as plumbing services, renewable energy and EO car charging facilities.

Despite our growth, we have continued to work to our original ethos of delivering exceptional services and carrying out all our work to the highest possible standard.

With the multiple services we offer, J.E.R. Group are a great choice when it comes to your large building projects as our teams understand the value of communicating with each other to ensure we provide a seamless delivery of service without any delays to our clients. This communication ensures our efficiency and a high quality of service.

If you have a large build and want to ensure a high standard of work from your commercial electricians and commercial plumbers, contact our office today.

Take a look at some of the reviews we have recievd for the work we have completed on our testimonials page. If you have any questions about any of the sevrices we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact  us.

Renewable energy J.E.R. Group Guernsey electrical services
Comet boiler plumbing J.E.R. Group Guernsey electrical and plumbing

Commercial electricians & plumbers from J.E.R. Group

Commercial electricians plumbers J.E.R. Group guernseyThe team at J.E.R Group do not just keep the homes of Guernsey warm and well lit throughout the year, but they also spend time on commercial projects with their commercial electricians and commercial plumbers working on buildings all around Guernsey, as well as providing renewable energy solutions.

As with all the jobs we undertake, each of our commercial clients can expect the work we undertake to be delivered and carried out to the highest standard.

If you have a commercial project you are starting, our team are able to plan your wiring and your plumbing to ensure the building works just the way you expect it to. Our team are adaptable and creative, giving you the confidence that any problems or issues you are faced with will be met with quick solutions to suit all involved. The experience of the J.E.R. Group’s commercial electricians and plumbers means that there will be very few problems that they haven’t faced before and can use that experience to recommend the best solutions.

Our teams know the importance of keeping their workspace clean and to carry out their work efficiently so as to not disrupt your other contractors and to ensure deadlines are adhered to.

As a company, we have continually expanded since we launched in 2013 which has allowed us to work with many large building firms helping us ensure our valued client base receive the best services possible. You can read just some of the positive reviews we have received on our testimonials page.

If you have a commercial project you would like J.E.R. Group to give you a quote for – whether that be for electrical or plumbing work or want to create a greener project and want advise on our renewable energy solutions, then contact the office today.

Find out about the other products and services available from our team.


Bespoke home lighting

The team at J.E.R. Group are lucky enough to work in some of the most stunning homes and premises that Guernsey has to offer. Whether it’s fitting a new bathroom, fixing a leak, rewiring a home or creating stunning lighting throughout homes and gardens. We couldn’t not share with you photos from one of our recent jobs where we created some enviable bespoke home lighting…

We were recently asked to work at a home on the island where we created some stunning lighting throughout the home from the sitting area, kitchen to the bathrooms. 

From LED Lighting, spotlights, and modern pendant lighting we really helped finish off the home renovations in an original and modern way to fully complement the other works they had had completed. 

Take a look at the images to see how stunning the lighting really looks.

Do you fancy making some lighting improvements to your home? Contact our team today to see how we can help light up your home and garden!

Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group

Aurora Smart Lighting from J.E.R. Group

Aurora Smart lighting Bedroom lighting - J.E.R. ElectricalJ.E.R. Group are pleased to now be providing the people of Guernsey with their new product line – Aurora SMART Lighting.

We believe the future of lighting is in SMART lighting and, as always, J.E.R. Group ensure we have the best product and solutions available for our clients.

Aurora Smart Lighting is different – it has all the benefits of a smart system, which means you can control the lighting in your whole home via your phone, iPad or even by Alexa but it can also be retro-fitted to your existing electrical system without any fuss.

This incredible line of lighting has over 900 products available, meaning you can find something to fit the look and style of your home, office or commercial premises.

Find out more about smart lighting and the options available to you by calling the team on 01481 523411 or email

Take a look at the video below and see how Aurora SMART Lighting can make a difference to your home.

J.ER. Group offer the people of Guernsey a wide range of electrical, plumbing and renewable energy services and guarantee to give you a competitive quote. We ensure that any work we complete will be done so to the highest standard. Find out more about the services we offer.


Outdoor lighting – refresh your outdoor space!

Have you ever thought about getting your ouOutdoor decking lighting from J.E.R. Electricaltdoor space refreshed? Why not speak to J.E.R. Group and see how they can lighten up your garden with some stunning outdoor lighting!

If your outdoor space is looking a bit tired and dated and in need of some TLC and if simply turning on the outdoor light by the back door isn’t creating the relaxing look or feel you crave, see how we can help you.

Our experienced and talented team can help you design a fantastic dining and relaxing environment with specialist lighting as well outdoor heating so you can continue to make use of your garden even when the sun has gone down and the evening has become chillier.

Perhaps you would even like to consider an outdoor kitchen or water feature? The J.E.R. Group can help with that too!

Just imagine what a difference lighting around the pool, paths or decking would make… Whatever you are after, our team can help you and at a great, competitive price too.

For more infomation on our lighting services and all the other areas that J.E.R. Group can help you with, contact the team today or simply email

Find out more about the services J.E.R. Group provide.


Domestic Electrical work in Guernsey

Domestic Electrical work from J.E.R. Electrical - new plug sockets in kicthenAs well as the big stuff, J.E.R. Electrical’s team can help sort out the small stuff in your home – ensuring all your domestic electrical work is in tip top shape and just the way you want it! The little things can make a massive difference when it comes to the practicalities in your home.

Do you find yourself cooking on an evening and end up unplugging your kettle just to plug your blender in? Are your constantly enjoying a song on the radio, just to have to unplug it so you can use your electric whisk? If this sounds familiar, why not contact our team and have some more plug sockets put in your kitchen, which will make a whole world of difference when you are cooking something tasty on a night?

Do you love your bedroom, but wish you could switch your light off without getting out of bed? Perhaps your living room is perfect, but could just benefit from moving light switches or light fittings? Our fully qualified team can help and will turn your house from great to perfect in no time at all.

J.E.R. Electrical understand that it is these ‘little’ things that are important – contact us today and let us help you with your domestic electrical work to improve your home and keep you safe. Call 01481 523411 or email today.

Why not take a look at the other electrical services and products we provide around Guernsey, from LED lighting, EO Charging and PAT testing to whole building rewires – J.E.R. Electrical work.