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Guernsey electricians & more!

Since the launch of J.E.R. Group (formerly J.E.R. Electrical) in 2013, our company has continued to grow from initially offering the homes and businesses of Guernsey qualified electricians to now providing the island with electrical services as well as plumbing services, renewable energy and EO car charging facilities.

Despite our growth, we have continued to work to our original ethos of delivering exceptional services and carrying out all our work to the highest possible standard.

With the multiple services we offer, J.E.R. Group are a great choice when it comes to your large building projects as our teams understand the value of communicating with each other to ensure we provide a seamless delivery of service without any delays to our clients. This communication ensures our efficiency and a high quality of service.

If you have a large build and want to ensure a high standard of work from your commercial electricians and commercial plumbers, contact our office today.

Take a look at some of the reviews we have recievd for the work we have completed on our testimonials page. If you have any questions about any of the sevrices we have to offer, please do not hesitate to contact  us.

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Commercial electricians & plumbers from J.E.R. Group

Commercial electricians plumbers J.E.R. Group guernseyThe team at J.E.R Group do not just keep the homes of Guernsey warm and well lit throughout the year, but they also spend time on commercial projects with their commercial electricians and commercial plumbers working on buildings all around Guernsey, as well as providing renewable energy solutions.

As with all the jobs we undertake, each of our commercial clients can expect the work we undertake to be delivered and carried out to the highest standard.

If you have a commercial project you are starting, our team are able to plan your wiring and your plumbing to ensure the building works just the way you expect it to. Our team are adaptable and creative, giving you the confidence that any problems or issues you are faced with will be met with quick solutions to suit all involved. The experience of the J.E.R. Group’s commercial electricians and plumbers means that there will be very few problems that they haven’t faced before and can use that experience to recommend the best solutions.

Our teams know the importance of keeping their workspace clean and to carry out their work efficiently so as to not disrupt your other contractors and to ensure deadlines are adhered to.

As a company, we have continually expanded since we launched in 2013 which has allowed us to work with many large building firms helping us ensure our valued client base receive the best services possible. You can read just some of the positive reviews we have received on our testimonials page.

If you have a commercial project you would like J.E.R. Group to give you a quote for – whether that be for electrical or plumbing work or want to create a greener project and want advise on our renewable energy solutions, then contact the office today.

Find out about the other products and services available from our team.


Best time to replace a boiler?

Best time to replace a boiler? Comet electric boilers - JER GroupDo you have any idea when the best time to replace a boiler is? You may be surprised, but it’s actually the summer months!

With this gorgeous, warm weather we are currently having, we’re sure that the last thing on your mind right now is your boiler, but it’s actually a very sensible thing to think about before the weather gets cold.

The summer months pass us by quickly and by the time the evenings are getting darker, your dodgy boiler may be on its last legs and you then have to join the queue of people wanting a replacement. So, don’t wait until the last minute, call J.E.R. Group today and get yours booked in and repaired or replaced before you really need it for your heating system.

J.E.R. Group have a team of qualified electricians and plumbers who are able to fit a wide range of electric boilers in your home – all of which are 100% efficient, economical and virtually silent. They are able to provide your home with central heating and hot water and they can also be used for your underfloor heating. Find out more about the electrical heating solutions.

Contact the team today if you have any questions about the best time to replace a boiler on 01481 523411 or email to find out more. 

You can see what other services we provide on our services page and see what some of our happy customers have to say about us on our testimonials page.Superheating - electrical heating - J.E.R. Electrical


Electrical heating = Superheating!

In physics, superheating is the electrical heating phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its standard boiling point, without actually boiling. It creates an explosive boiling eruption when moved or touched projecting exceptionally hot fluid into the air.

A very interesting concept and something, that quite frankly, you want to avoid, unless…

Guernsey has just introduced a ‘Superheat’ tariff specifically for localised electric heating. This tariff (approx. 8p per unit) differs from the other price cut tariffs as it is available 24 hours, (although this is not to be used on a continual 24 hour loop – see Guernsey Electricity website for more details).

This tariff changes thing substantially. If you can hook up your boiler, digital radiators, bathroom heaters and underfloor heating systems to this new lower tariff (our standard tariff is over 17 pence – yes, that’s correct, permission to have a lie down) your utility bills suddenly become sizably less and your home becomes beautifully warmed.

The difference is also to do with the quality of electrical heating solutions now available. In this efficient, digital age, we expect stylish and economic solutions without a massive price tag – well luckily enough, this expectation has been managed with the range of incredible heating systems available. Every colour, technical gadget and efficiency saving included, these fabulous heating solution are the way to go.

So heat your home with whatever colour, type and style of heating solution you choose, but remember hook yourself up to the new tariff and then you can consider yourself officially ‘Superheated’.


How to Save Energy and Money on Heating Bills

How to Save Energy and Money on Heating Bills

One way to try and cut down on living expenses is through your heating bills. With increasing utility bills, households are looking at ways to save energy. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective and easy to implement methods of reducing money spent on heating.

Save energy and money - J.E.R. Electrical


5 Ways to save energy and money on heating bills

 1. Energy usage

The first step to reducing heating bills is to take a look at your energy usage. Most people are aware of the impacts regulating energy usage can have. If you are not, then timing your thermostat to heat your home only when you are around allows you to easily identify the impact on energy savings. Monitoring your energy consumption helps you understand where you are going wrong. Often, this just means turning the heat down gradually

2.Smart thermostats

It is worth investing in a thermostat that also allows you to monitor your energy usage. Some ‘smart thermostats’ can control the heating on behalf of the householder, constantly keeping the home at the right temperature, effortlessly. Smart home technology is becoming smarter and more user-friendly, transforming heating cost-efficiency in houses. The new technology for homes offers an opportunity for busy people attempting to reduce their heating bills by doing it on their behalf. A good thermostat, and preferably a smart thermostat equipped with WiFi, saves on heating bills over time. You can see the impact after about six months, when the cost savings really begin to kick in. Smart thermostats optimise the heating in your house, and are a certified means of ensuring that you are not wasting energy. There are some excellent examples of these thermostats on the market. Warmup’s 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is good value and promises to save the same amount in energy a year as the device itself costs. The 4iE Thermostat can save up to 25% of your energy usage by learning the most efficient way to heat your home.

Save energy and money - J.E.R. Electrical

3. Insulate

One of the key aspects to pay attention to when seeking to curb your energy usage is to prevent the warmth at home from escaping. Good insulation ensures you save energy and no energy goes to waste, keeping heat loss to a minimum. Do consider investing in double glazed windows, a reinforced insulated front door, and insulated walls. Insulation means that your home heats up quicker, using less energy and keeping the warmth inside. This allows you to reduce the number of hours your heating is on per day.


4. Consider installing underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is known for its cost-efficiency. It is also an ecological heating system because it runs at a much lower temperature whilst still reaching the same (if not higher) comfort level than conventional radiators, thus using less energy. Another reason is that it reaches the desired room temperature quicker, providing evenly distributed heat across the room. Warming the room from the ground up means that underfloor heating heats the people in the room as opposed to the air. Therefore, no energy will go to waste.


5. Little changes that make a difference

Although investing in a smart thermostat and double-glazed windows pays off in the long term, there are other ways you can also save energy. As simple as it sounds, drawing the curtains at dusk prevents heat loss, i.e., wastage of heat. Pulling the curtains tight in the evenings and at night is a ‘first line of defence’ to keep the heat in.

Find out how J.E.R. Electrical can help you save energy and money on your energy bills – contact us today!