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30 electrical car chargers fitted this summer!

EO Home Charging electrical car chargers - J.E.R. Group GuernseyIt’s been a busy summer for the J.E.R. Group as we have been helping the people in Guernsey “go green” by installing electrical car chargers and solar panels and we wanted to share a few of the things that we have been up to with you…

We have installed:

  • Over 60 electrical boilers, ensuring people have constantly running hot water and heating when they will need it in the next few months;
  • Over 30 electrical car chargers, ensuring the electric car drivers on the island can continue to charge their vehicles;
  • Two solar panels with battery storage.

As a company, J.E.R. Group have always strived to lead the way in renewable energy solutions and help reduce the carbon footprint for Guernsey whilst consistently providing the best quality service and products at good prices! Even as our company has grown, we have stayed committed to this ethos. 

If you have any electrical, plumbing or renewable energy needs, or want to know more about our electric car chargers, give us a call today or fill in our contact form and we will be happy to discuss them with you!

Take a look at the video to find out a bit more about what our team have been up to!


Bespoke home lighting

The team at J.E.R. Group are lucky enough to work in some of the most stunning homes and premises that Guernsey has to offer. Whether it’s fitting a new bathroom, fixing a leak, rewiring a home or creating stunning lighting throughout homes and gardens. We couldn’t not share with you photos from one of our recent jobs where we created some enviable bespoke home lighting…

We were recently asked to work at a home on the island where we created some stunning lighting throughout the home from the sitting area, kitchen to the bathrooms. 

From LED Lighting, spotlights, and modern pendant lighting we really helped finish off the home renovations in an original and modern way to fully complement the other works they had had completed. 

Take a look at the images to see how stunning the lighting really looks.

Do you fancy making some lighting improvements to your home? Contact our team today to see how we can help light up your home and garden!

Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Bespoke home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group
Home lighting LED lighting electrician Guernsey J.E.R. Group

Plumbing Apprentice of the Year!

The whole team at J.E.R. Group were proud as punch recently when one of our team was nominated for Plumbing Apprentice of the Year!

Jordan Le Poidevin is one of our plumbing apprentices and was nominated for Apprentice of the Year. Due to the effort he has put into his apprenticeship with us, he won the award for best plumbing apprentice! Jordan was joined by our Director Jer Norris for the awards and a good night was had by all!

Apprenticeships are a popular choice as the programmes give individuals the opportunity to literally work their way towards a qualification while gaining hands on skills and knowledge to help them along their chosen career path. We love giving people the chance to learn on the job and know the qualified plumbers and electricians we have on our team are the perfect people to pass on their skills and experience to others.

Well done on your award, Jordan – your hard work and dedication has paid off and we’re delighted to have you as part of our team!

The team at J.E.R. Group are often looking for people to join our team – contact us today to see if we have anything opportunities available!

Take a look below at some of the pictures we took on the evening of our Plumbing Apprentice of the Year!

plumbing Apprentice of the Year 2019 Jordan Le Poidevin J.E.R. Group plaumbing services electrical services guernsey
plumbing Apprentice of the Year 2019 Jordan Le Poidevin J.E.R. Group plaumbing services electrical services guernsey
plumbing Apprentice of the Year 2019 Jordan Le Poidevin J.E.R. Group plaumbing services electrical services guernsey

Best time to replace a boiler?

Best time to replace a boiler? Comet electric boilers - JER GroupDo you have any idea when the best time to replace a boiler is? You may be surprised, but it’s actually the summer months!

With this gorgeous, warm weather we are currently having, we’re sure that the last thing on your mind right now is your boiler, but it’s actually a very sensible thing to think about before the weather gets cold.

The summer months pass us by quickly and by the time the evenings are getting darker, your dodgy boiler may be on its last legs and you then have to join the queue of people wanting a replacement. So, don’t wait until the last minute, call J.E.R. Group today and get yours booked in and repaired or replaced before you really need it for your heating system.

J.E.R. Group have a team of qualified electricians and plumbers who are able to fit a wide range of electric boilers in your home – all of which are 100% efficient, economical and virtually silent. They are able to provide your home with central heating and hot water and they can also be used for your underfloor heating. Find out more about the electrical heating solutions.

Contact the team today if you have any questions about the best time to replace a boiler on 01481 523411 or email to find out more. 

You can see what other services we provide on our services page and see what some of our happy customers have to say about us on our testimonials page.Superheating - electrical heating - J.E.R. Electrical


Full time plumber wanted!

full time plumber job available J.E.R. Group GuernseyJ.E.R. Group are excited to announce that they are looking for another qualified, full time plumber to join our ever-growing team.

Are you looking to work with a professional company with an enviable reputation for providing top quality work at competitive prices? If so, J.E.R. Group could be the company for you.

We pride ourselves on being an organised, fun and professional company that provides great packages and support to our employees.

Our plumbing services include fitting, fixing and replacing boilers, flushing systems, underfloor heating to kitchens and bathrooms. No two days are the same, so you won’t get bored!

If you would like more information or if you would like to apply for this great position, send you CV to Gemma at or call us on 01481 523411.


Aurora Smart Lighting from J.E.R. Group

Aurora Smart lighting Bedroom lighting - J.E.R. ElectricalJ.E.R. Group are pleased to now be providing the people of Guernsey with their new product line – Aurora SMART Lighting.

We believe the future of lighting is in SMART lighting and, as always, J.E.R. Group ensure we have the best product and solutions available for our clients.

Aurora Smart Lighting is different – it has all the benefits of a smart system, which means you can control the lighting in your whole home via your phone, iPad or even by Alexa but it can also be retro-fitted to your existing electrical system without any fuss.

This incredible line of lighting has over 900 products available, meaning you can find something to fit the look and style of your home, office or commercial premises.

Find out more about smart lighting and the options available to you by calling the team on 01481 523411 or email

Take a look at the video below and see how Aurora SMART Lighting can make a difference to your home.

J.ER. Group offer the people of Guernsey a wide range of electrical, plumbing and renewable energy services and guarantee to give you a competitive quote. We ensure that any work we complete will be done so to the highest standard. Find out more about the services we offer.


Plumbing services from J.E.R. Group!

Did you know that J.E.R. Group do not just deal with your electrics anymore? As well as renewable energyBathroom plumbing services J.E.R. Group Ltd Guernsey plumbing and electrical services and EO Car Charging, we are also growing our plumbing services to assist your home improvements even more.

Our plumbing division was launched in 2018 and since then we have experienced fantastic growth due to our already established reliable and efficient reputation. We now have three full time plumbers on the team allowing us to respond to your needs and emergencies even quicker.

In the first six months of the plumbing services being offered, we have successfully completed over a thousand jobs in Guernsey and our team are looking forward to completing even more.

If you need help with your plumbing needs, get in touch with the team today!


Renewable Energy – make a difference!

It’s so easy to forget that we can make a positive impact on our planet if we think carefully about the energy we use. One way of doing this is to consider using renewable energy.

Renewable energy J.E.R. Group GuernseyJ.E.R. Group now provide a whole host of green energy options. These options can help you heat, light and power your home using our range of responsible energy solutions.

The team are now extending the range of solutions and options we have available regularly and are excited to be launching some new and exciting products to our already extensive range soon.

If you have thought about renewable energy but are unsure of the best option for your home, contact us today to find out more about the solutions we offer – we have cost-effective renewable energy solutions to suit every budget.


Outdoor lighting – refresh your outdoor space!

Have you ever thought about getting your ouOutdoor decking lighting from J.E.R. Electricaltdoor space refreshed? Why not speak to J.E.R. Group and see how they can lighten up your garden with some stunning outdoor lighting!

If your outdoor space is looking a bit tired and dated and in need of some TLC and if simply turning on the outdoor light by the back door isn’t creating the relaxing look or feel you crave, see how we can help you.

Our experienced and talented team can help you design a fantastic dining and relaxing environment with specialist lighting as well outdoor heating so you can continue to make use of your garden even when the sun has gone down and the evening has become chillier.

Perhaps you would even like to consider an outdoor kitchen or water feature? The J.E.R. Group can help with that too!

Just imagine what a difference lighting around the pool, paths or decking would make… Whatever you are after, our team can help you and at a great, competitive price too.

For more infomation on our lighting services and all the other areas that J.E.R. Group can help you with, contact the team today or simply email

Find out more about the services J.E.R. Group provide.


What is renewable energy?

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is produced using natural resources that are constantly replaced and never run out.

What is Renewable Energy J.E.R. Group Guernsey


Solar energy is energy generated from the sun’s sunlight. Solar power is energy captured from the sun which is converted into electricity, or used to heat air, water, or other fluids.



Generating electricity via solar can run your home OR you can pay it back to the grid. Guernsey has a great purchase price of 9.00p per unit which means considerable reductions in your electricity bills.


Your solar can also be used via battery storage. This option enables you to use the energy generated during the day on powering your house that same evening.


JER specialise in implementing solar solutions to help your power your home efficiently using the latest solar technologies. Guernsey has the perfect climate for generating power via solar – not too hot with plenty of sunlight, so if you are interested in finding out more, get in touch with the team today on our online contact form or email at


As well as renewable energy, J.E.R. Group offer a wide range of high quality services throughout Guernsey. Take a look at what we offer and see how we can help you today: J.E.R. Group services.