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Underfloor Heating Guernsey keeps you warm all winter

warm Up Underfloor heating Guernsey fitted by J,E,R, EletricalAfter a beautiful summer, the kids are back school, the days are becoming a little cooler and the colours of Autumn are just around the corner. We always recommend changing your boiler in the warmer weather, but what other ways can you keep your family warm over the cooler months? It won’t be long until you’re thinking of putting the heating back on, but have you ever thought about underfloor heating? Underfloor heating Guernsey is a popular and effective way of ensuring your home is always warm and welcoming and keeps those feet warmer in the winter months.

The team at JER electrical provide great quality underfloor heating systems at very competitive prices to suit all homes and budgets. We use the ‘Warm-up’ range of products as they deliver high efficiency heating throughout your home. When you have underfloor heating, there is no need for radiators filling up wall space and as the underfloor heating we fit is digital, it comes with easy to use thermostats so you can’t go wrong!


Underfloor heating Guernsey has a number benefits you may want to consider:

* It is energy efficient;

* There is virtually no maintenance needed once it is installed;

* It works well with all floor coverings, including tiles, stone, carpet, wood, laminate and vinyl.


Our team can install your underfloor heating quickly and efficiently and the system we use also allows us to retrofit it into properties.


Get your home heated today, in a stylish yet practical way. Give J.E.R. Electrical a call on 01481 523411 or email for more information.


Find out more about Warm Up underfloor heating.


If underfloor heating Guernsey is not quite what you are looking for, why not speak to our team about our other electrical heating solutions such as electric boilers, electric radiators and storage heaters.  

Warm Up underfloor heating fitted by J.E.R. Electrical Guernsey


EO Car charging points fitted at four star hotel

EO Car Charging Points for your electric vehicle - J.E.R. Electrical, GuernseyThe team at J.E.R. Electrical have been continuing to install more EO Car Charging Points throughout the island this summer.

July saw the electricians head to The Fermain Valley Hotel at St. Peter Port and set up not one, but two EO Car charging points so guests can take advantage of the complimentary car charging points while enjoying the facilities the four star hotel has to offer.

If you need an electric car charging point installed at your home, hotel or business, contact the team today – email or call 01481 523411 and our team will be happy to answer any of questions and discuss your needs. J.E.R. Electrical, your electric car charging specialists in Guernsey.

EO Car Charing Points are a range of simple and intelligent chargers which enable you to charging your vehicle up at home or at your business premises. The basic chargers come with no software, you just plug in and instantly get a charge.

Find out more about the EO Car Charging Points J.E.R. Electrical have to offer.

Trying to decide whether an electric vehicle is the right choice for you? Take a look at what J.E.R. Electrical’s Director Jer Norris has to say about his experience with electric vehicles.


Best time to replace your electric boiler? Summer!

Summer may not seem like the most obvious time of year to replace your electric boiler but it can actually be the best time for many reasons.

Why you should replace your electric boiler in the summer:

1. More availability

Electric boiler J.E.R. Electrical Guernsey
Winter is the busiest time to have your boiler replaced. Breakdowns and maintenance is double in the winter months so take advantage of the quieter summer period.

2. You’ll have no problem staying warm while your boiler is replaced

This can be a real concern in the winter months. Going for a few days without hot water and heating is certainly not ideal and can be very difficult for families and especially the elderly. Much less disruption occurs in the summer months, especially when it’s very hot and a cold shower doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!!

3. You run less of a winter breakdown

If you wait for your boiler to get worse, then eventually breakdown in the winter months, it can mean an even longer period without heating. Avoid the problem completely by getting an old boiler replaced BEFORE it breaks down.

4. You will be ready to start saving on winter bills

From the first day of winter, you will be ready and prepared to heat your house efficiently as a new boiler will be more efficient than the previous one, enabling you to save on bills as soon as the weather changes.

Find out more about our electric boilers.

If you would like to discuss options, or get a no obligation quote, then email or phone on 01481 523411.


Connections Magazine focus on J.E.R. Electrical

JER Electrical have been featured in this month’s national Connections magazine which is published quarterly and sent out to all NICEIC and ELECSA contractors. Jer and Natalie Norris were asked to tell their story about how they have grown J.E.R. Electrical together to make it one of Guernsey’s leading electrical contractors! Here is a short snippet of the article.Jer and Natalie Norris of J.E.R. Electrical, Guernsey are the focus of Connections Magazine

Jer told the magazine about his work and travels around Australia and New Zealand before settling in Guernsey.  After working with local electrical firms, he started working for himself once he knew more about the local market. Due to the size of the local market, Jer knew the importance of a good reputation and a consistently high standard of work.

Before long, Jer had taken on a team of qualified electricians and now continually advertises as finding electricians in Guernsey can be difficult.

Today, J.E.R. Electrical complete work on high-end houses as well as some commercial projects and jobs for local estate agents. “We do small extensions, which are quite popular on the island, and a lot of rewires,” Jer says. “But we also specialise in electric heating. There’s a really cheap tariff in Guernsey for that, so we do a lot of underfloor heating, electric radiators and electric boilers. Electricity is cheaper than gas here, and it’s very competitive with oil.”

This year, the company is putting a strong emphasis on renewables, including solar PV and battery storage. It is also the only business licensed to install public electric vehicle charging points and they recently fitted the island’s first, at North Beach car park, in 2017.

Jer attributes much of the company’s successful growth – from sole trader to a business that employs seven people, with plans to go on to another level – to business coaching. He receives this once a week from a local firm called ActionCOACH. “It’s helped us grow the business quickly but in a controlled manner; I’m not growing into chaos, but into a structure.”

Read the full article in this month’s Connections Magazine.


Electric Vehicle Expo in Guernsey

Electric Vehicle Expo - Guernsey - 2018 - J.E.R. Electrical

Why not come down to Vazon on Saturday 7th July, 10am – 4pm for the annual Electric Vehicle Expo and visit the J.E.R. Electrical EO charging stall. You will be able to view a wide range of electrical vehicles, from cars, bikes and motorbikes, plug-in hybrid cars, electric mobility, solar PV battery storage, autonomous technology and much, much more.

Meet the J.E.R. Electrical team and have a chat with us to find out why our EO chargers are the best fit for Guernsey vehicles. EO have designed a wide range of simple and intelligent chargers which are ideal for charging your vehicle at home. The chargers come with no software – you simply plug them in and get an instant charge.

All of our products will be on display and we can walk you through the different options available, including our new package deal we can now deliver as part of our partnership with BLUECHIP vehicle importers. Simply purchase your vehicle through BLUECHIP and we will install your home charging unit – it could not be easier!

As the leading installer of EO charging points in Guernsey, we look forward to meeting you at the Electric Vehicle Expo!

Read more about EO Charging.

Why not read how J.E.R. Electrical’s Director, Jer Norris, has got on with his electrical vehicle?

If you have any questions about EO charging and electric vehicles before the event, please do not hesitate to contact the J.E.R. Electrical team.

Find out  more about the Electric Vehicle Expo.


Domestic Electrical work in Guernsey

Domestic Electrical work from J.E.R. Electrical - new plug sockets in kicthenAs well as the big stuff, J.E.R. Electrical’s team can help sort out the small stuff in your home – ensuring all your domestic electrical work is in tip top shape and just the way you want it! The little things can make a massive difference when it comes to the practicalities in your home.

Do you find yourself cooking on an evening and end up unplugging your kettle just to plug your blender in? Are your constantly enjoying a song on the radio, just to have to unplug it so you can use your electric whisk? If this sounds familiar, why not contact our team and have some more plug sockets put in your kitchen, which will make a whole world of difference when you are cooking something tasty on a night?

Do you love your bedroom, but wish you could switch your light off without getting out of bed? Perhaps your living room is perfect, but could just benefit from moving light switches or light fittings? Our fully qualified team can help and will turn your house from great to perfect in no time at all.

J.E.R. Electrical understand that it is these ‘little’ things that are important – contact us today and let us help you with your domestic electrical work to improve your home and keep you safe. Call 01481 523411 or email today.

Why not take a look at the other electrical services and products we provide around Guernsey, from LED lighting, EO Charging and PAT testing to whole building rewires – J.E.R. Electrical work.



EO Charging – How does it Work and What Does it Cost?

EO Charging from J.E.R. Electrical


Why choose EO Charging from J.E.R. Electrical?

According to a survey of 3,247 individuals conducted by PlugInsights, the results show that 81 percent of electric vehicle charging is done at home. This makes perfect sense.

  • 7% of charging takes place at work
  • 10% of charging occurs at public charging station


So, we are predominantly charging our cars in our own backyard which of course, is the easiest way to charge your vehicle. Given this information it’s important that when you install your home charging device you get one thats easy to use, efficient in its charging capacity and can be installed quickly by your local agent – that local agent, of course, being JER Electrical.

EO Charging Warranty

When you chose your charger, you should consider EO Charging due to their international success and recognition in the vehicle charging world. They consider themselves market leaders and have had incredible success with the charging points for the reasons stated above. Another bonus is the warranty!

Not all electrical vehicle charging comapanies do this, but EO Charging are so confident about their product, a warrantly was a logical step. The full warranty is available on this website but to give an indicator, an extract is shown below:

Your EO Charging electric vehicle charger has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers the cost of breakdown repairs for one* year from the date of purchase. This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your charger is proven to be defective because of either workmanship or material defect we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the charger at no cost to you.


We will compete with any price you are quoted elsewhere and we also do NOT have waiting list for the actual installation – if you book in with us you will get the BEST price and the quickest installation.

Contact our team today to find out more.


LED Lighting to transform your home

Kitchen with blue LED LightingHave you ever thought about adding some colour your home, but not sure how? Do you envy other people’s homes and want to give yours the WOW factor? Is your kitchen looking old and dated and in need of modernisation? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then let J.E.R. Electrical install their popular LED lighting in your property!

Whether you would like one colour, or the option to change with your mood or event, then we can create the perfect lighting solution for you.

Why choose LED Lighting?

LED lighting is energy efficient, using around 95% less power than halogen or incandescent lamos, nit inly saving you money, but also lowering the cost of maintenance. It is also cool to touoch, making it an ideal choice for use in a child’s bedroom.

The efficiency of the lighting also means you will be reducing your carbon footprint – so your home will be looking great whilst also helping the environment!

Take a look at the video below to get an idea of how LED Lighting from J.E.R. Electrical can transform your home!

Find out more information on LED Lighting on our Domestic Electrical page and contact the team today for a free quote and to find out more about how we can transform your home!


Electrical heating = Superheating!

In physics, superheating is the electrical heating phenomenon in which a liquid is heated to a temperature higher than its standard boiling point, without actually boiling. It creates an explosive boiling eruption when moved or touched projecting exceptionally hot fluid into the air.

A very interesting concept and something, that quite frankly, you want to avoid, unless…

Guernsey has just introduced a ‘Superheat’ tariff specifically for localised electric heating. This tariff (approx. 8p per unit) differs from the other price cut tariffs as it is available 24 hours, (although this is not to be used on a continual 24 hour loop – see Guernsey Electricity website for more details).

This tariff changes thing substantially. If you can hook up your boiler, digital radiators, bathroom heaters and underfloor heating systems to this new lower tariff (our standard tariff is over 17 pence – yes, that’s correct, permission to have a lie down) your utility bills suddenly become sizably less and your home becomes beautifully warmed.

The difference is also to do with the quality of electrical heating solutions now available. In this efficient, digital age, we expect stylish and economic solutions without a massive price tag – well luckily enough, this expectation has been managed with the range of incredible heating systems available. Every colour, technical gadget and efficiency saving included, these fabulous heating solution are the way to go.

So heat your home with whatever colour, type and style of heating solution you choose, but remember hook yourself up to the new tariff and then you can consider yourself officially ‘Superheated’.


How to Save Energy and Money on Heating Bills

How to Save Energy and Money on Heating Bills

One way to try and cut down on living expenses is through your heating bills. With increasing utility bills, households are looking at ways to save energy. In this article, we will explore some of the most effective and easy to implement methods of reducing money spent on heating.

Save energy and money - J.E.R. Electrical


5 Ways to save energy and money on heating bills

 1. Energy usage

The first step to reducing heating bills is to take a look at your energy usage. Most people are aware of the impacts regulating energy usage can have. If you are not, then timing your thermostat to heat your home only when you are around allows you to easily identify the impact on energy savings. Monitoring your energy consumption helps you understand where you are going wrong. Often, this just means turning the heat down gradually

2.Smart thermostats

It is worth investing in a thermostat that also allows you to monitor your energy usage. Some ‘smart thermostats’ can control the heating on behalf of the householder, constantly keeping the home at the right temperature, effortlessly. Smart home technology is becoming smarter and more user-friendly, transforming heating cost-efficiency in houses. The new technology for homes offers an opportunity for busy people attempting to reduce their heating bills by doing it on their behalf. A good thermostat, and preferably a smart thermostat equipped with WiFi, saves on heating bills over time. You can see the impact after about six months, when the cost savings really begin to kick in. Smart thermostats optimise the heating in your house, and are a certified means of ensuring that you are not wasting energy. There are some excellent examples of these thermostats on the market. Warmup’s 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat is good value and promises to save the same amount in energy a year as the device itself costs. The 4iE Thermostat can save up to 25% of your energy usage by learning the most efficient way to heat your home.

Save energy and money - J.E.R. Electrical

3. Insulate

One of the key aspects to pay attention to when seeking to curb your energy usage is to prevent the warmth at home from escaping. Good insulation ensures you save energy and no energy goes to waste, keeping heat loss to a minimum. Do consider investing in double glazed windows, a reinforced insulated front door, and insulated walls. Insulation means that your home heats up quicker, using less energy and keeping the warmth inside. This allows you to reduce the number of hours your heating is on per day.


4. Consider installing underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is known for its cost-efficiency. It is also an ecological heating system because it runs at a much lower temperature whilst still reaching the same (if not higher) comfort level than conventional radiators, thus using less energy. Another reason is that it reaches the desired room temperature quicker, providing evenly distributed heat across the room. Warming the room from the ground up means that underfloor heating heats the people in the room as opposed to the air. Therefore, no energy will go to waste.


5. Little changes that make a difference

Although investing in a smart thermostat and double-glazed windows pays off in the long term, there are other ways you can also save energy. As simple as it sounds, drawing the curtains at dusk prevents heat loss, i.e., wastage of heat. Pulling the curtains tight in the evenings and at night is a ‘first line of defence’ to keep the heat in.

Find out how J.E.R. Electrical can help you save energy and money on your energy bills – contact us today!