Summer may not seem like the most obvious time of year to replace your electric boiler but it can actually be the best time for many reasons.

Why you should replace your electric boiler in the summer:

1. More availability

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Winter is the busiest time to have your boiler replaced. Breakdowns and maintenance is double in the winter months so take advantage of the quieter summer period.

2. You’ll have no problem staying warm while your boiler is replaced

This can be a real concern in the winter months. Going for a few days without hot water and heating is certainly not ideal and can be very difficult for families and especially the elderly. Much less disruption occurs in the summer months, especially when it’s very hot and a cold shower doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!!

3. You run less of a winter breakdown

If you wait for your boiler to get worse, then eventually breakdown in the winter months, it can mean an even longer period without heating. Avoid the problem completely by getting an old boiler replaced BEFORE it breaks down.

4. You will be ready to start saving on winter bills

From the first day of winter, you will be ready and prepared to heat your house efficiently as a new boiler will be more efficient than the previous one, enabling you to save on bills as soon as the weather changes.

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